Client Reviews


 "I recommend making the first step of calling Sade. After working with her I’ve changed how I work with my own clients. I am still in the process of working with Sade, but I can say I'm very pleased with her level of work. I've been a healer professionally for 19 years, it's hard to find someone that doesn’t sugarcoat and who really encourages their clients to do the real work. Most people just cover the basics for beginners -- not a bad thing in itself, but not a useful one for non-beginners. Sade is intended for everyone. She can and will help you find next stage of your spiritual development and growth. That's very rare to find. I get frustrated with a lot of “spiritual” healers because of their lack of practical usefulness. They promise methods and techniques in the cover matter, then never get beyond theory and philosophy and telling you how great it is to do something without ever explaining how that thing is done. That is not a problem when working with Sade. Her follow-up sessions are very effective, my results have been life-changing. I am grateful beyond expression for this goddess."

Jacqueline Turner

 "A true empath, Amethyst Moon is a blessing to everyone she encounters. Her ability to connect with the deepest aspects of her clients concerns, along with her helpful suggestions greatly resonate with me."

- Olusanya Adewale Ogungbemi 

"This was my first reading ever. Sade was very knowledgeable and walked me through the process. I have lots of situations going on and just wanted some clarity. She offered thorough explanations and resources for me to review later. I never felt bad about not knowing something and she encouraged me to ask questions. Her reading was so on point and I received confirmation on several situations. Some of which I haven’t spoken about with anyone. Sade was the absolute best. I would highly recommend her to everyone."

-Aletra Dillard 

"Very talented and on point. Real Spiritual worker. Can assist in very basic to the more complex stuff."

-Erin Martin

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