Shadow Box Program


Have you ever felt inspired to spark change in your life so bad that you can just taste the victory right around the corner? Only to later freeze when you hear that little voice in your head telling you your goal is impossible or worst yet…you’re not good enough to achieve it? Yeah we’ve all been there and some of us remain stuck here. The main reason why people live unfilled lives is due to repressed emotions. The first step toward ending this vicious cycle is to dig to the root of how it started in the first place. My Shadow Box program sheds light on this aspect of yourself with the intention of unleashing your shadow—unveiling your authentic, unapologetic self. Some benefits of this program include:

-Healing from trauma
-More powerful manifesting
-Improved self-esteem
-Better understanding of life purpose
-Chakra healing

The Shadow Box program includes a chakra scan to identify which chakras need restoration, 4-one hour spiritual guidance sessions including healing of the most deficient chakra, and a summary of your progress with steps on how to continue your journey to restored spiritual wellness.